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Get up earlier Monday in case roads are a nightmare

Take a deep breath before you deal with potentially bad roads Monday.

Based on the latest forecast from the Twin Cities branch of the National Weather Service, slick roads could be a big headache Monday morning. 

Fortunately, because President's Day is a federal holiday, most schools are closed and people with government jobs likely get the day off, so there will naturally be fewer people on the roads. 

That said, if you are headed to work Monday morning, the snow is currently forecast to start falling in the Twin Cities after 5 a.m

But even that's a "still somewhat low confidence forecast," the NWS-Twin Cities wrote at 3:17 p.m. Sunday. 

Since the meteorologists are still having a hard time figuring out when the storm will reach the metro, it's probably a smart idea to wake up a bit early just in case snow causes havoc for the morning commute. 

Snow is the one thing the NWS-Twin Cities sounds confident about. They're calling for all snow in the Twin Cities on Monday whereas their previous forecast called for some freezing rain in the early part of the day. They're now saying the freezing precipitation should be relegated farther to the southeast.

The roads could be worst where freezing rain falls Monday and Tuesday. 

Areas expected to get hit hardest by ice are southern and southeastern Minnesota, northern Iowa and western Wisconsin where up to a 1/4 of an inch of ice could accumulate, making travel impossible in some areas. 

The freezing rain is expected to begin after 3 a.m. in and around the Rochester area, the NWS predicts

The first wave of this long duration snow hit northern Minnesota on Sunday. According to Paul Douglas, Lutsen led the way with 13 inches while areas around Bemidji received 10-12. 

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