Giant pumpkin sets new record at Stillwater Harvest Fest


A new record gourd has been crowned as the largest pumpkin in North America at the annual Harvest Fest in Stillwater. The prize-winning pumpkin weighed in at 2,185 pounds.

The green monster was grown by Josiah Brandt of Rudolph, Wisconsin, and it beats the old North American record of 2,145 pounds, which was set in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, just last month.

The city popular Harvest Fest is this weekend, and the Giant Pumpkin Weigh-Off is always one of the biggest events - so to speak.

The gigantic gourds were lining the street in downtown Stillwater ahead of Saturday's big weigh-off. The winner received a $5,000 prize.

The world giant pumpkin record of 2,323 pounds, set in Germany last year, is still standing, according to

Last year's winner at the Stillwater weigh-off was puny – just over 1,800 pounds – compared to this year's record.

The pumpkin will need to be authenticated by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth, which sets standards and regulations for giant vegetable competitions around the world.

The Weigh-Off is not the only event at the Harvest Fest.

Another popular attraction is the giant pumpkin drop, which involves hoisting huge pumpkins into the air and then letting them go and watching the giant splat on the ground.

The Harvest Fest continues Sunday, and you can find a full schedule here.

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