Glitches and long hold times at MNsure causing frustrations


A survey of health insurance agents is showing many are frustrated by the technical problems that continue for MNsure.

The Pioneer Press reports some are even so pessimistic they have stopped working with the health exchange.

The 20-question survey, conducted between Dec. 30 and Jan. 6 by St. Paul-based writer Dave Racer, included responses from 463 insurance agents, according to the Pioneer Press.

The newspaper cites the survey report saying, "Nearly 60 percent express disbelief it will ever work well, but expect to keep trying."

According to the Pioneer Press, 19 percent have given up trying and only two percent of surveyed agents indicate they are convinced MNsure will eventually work, and be a benefit to clients.

Frustration amongst insurance agents could be a big deal for MNsure. Agents and brokers can bring business to the exchange.

But agents aren't the only people getting frustrated. Weeks of glitches and long hold times for those who call in have many frustrated. Volunteers are now encouraging people that MNsure is still the best chance for people to get affordable health coverage.

MNsure is continuing to address those problems. Leaders are hoping to get a preliminary report back from Optum, a division of United Health group, this week. Optum has been credited for helping rescue the federal health exchange website after a disastrous roll out in October.

The Pioneer Press reports Optum has gotten a new contract to continue work on the federal government's health exchange website.

Enrollment deadlines at MNsure have been extended until the end of March. But if you want coverage starting Feb. 1, the cutoff is Wednesday.

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