Go-karts gone: Newport's Raceway to Fun has reached the end of the road


It was an old school attraction in the town of Newport.

For more than three decades Raceway to Fun was a destination that kids (even grown ones) raced toward to have fun on go-karts and bumper boats, on the mini-golf course or the driving range, and in a batting cage or an arcade.

Not this year, though.

Owners Rich and Elaine Oftedahl announced on Facebook that after subsidizing the Raceway with their own money in recent years, they've now decided to shut it down.


Elaine Oftedahl tells the Business Journal traffic dropped off a few years ago after the reconfiguration of Highway 61, which now carries motorists past Newport not through it.

According to the Journal, Raceway to Fun was known during the 1990s for having the fastest go-karts in the region. Oftedahl can admit now that the track was lenient about the speed controls on its carts, which made it a Raceway to Worry for their insurer.


So after racing toward fun for 33 years, what will finally arrive at the site on the Mississippi River just downstream from St. Paul?

Signs point to office and warehouse space, the South Washington County Bulletin reports.

The Bulletin says Scannell Development Co. described its plan in February to city officials, who approved a permit and variances.

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