Go nuts for 'cronuts' as the craze comes to MPLS, just be careful what you call them


They may be a marriage made in Homer Simpson's dreams, but as "cronuts" -- half croissant, half donut -- take the pastry world by storm, at least one Minneapolis bakery is wondering what to call them.

Turns out the term -- which is nearly as ugly as the word "blog" -- is copyrighted by the New York baker who began selling them last month.


But the Angel Food Bakery in downtown Minneapolis is still selling the items icing and all, according to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, regardless of what they're called.

Turns out Dominique Ansel Bakery has a copyright on the craze, spawning a whole rash of copycats who are trying "doughssaints," "doissants" and whatever else. Eater Minneapolis reports that Angel Food is holding a Facebook contest to name the confections, which so far are being called ... cronuts. Aw, nuts.

But be warned: But the Biz Journal warns of a "cronut war" and Eater Minneapolis says America is in the throes of "cronut mania," the likes of which we haven't seen since Beatlemania. Or, perhaps, Hulkamania.

At any rate, Angel Food is staking out its turf, saying baker J.D. Hightower has been making them for years, the bakery just didn't sell them. Does that count?

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