Oh deer, what has Arby's added to its Minnesota menus?

Arby's will offer the new venison sandwich in six states, including Minnesota.

A new specialty Arby's menu item is coming to Minnesota in a few weeks: the venison sandwich.

The fast-food chain made the announcement Wednesday that select restaurants in six major deer hunting states will feature the new item, and Minnesota made the list (naturally).

The Arby's venison sandwich will be made with a "thick-cut venison steak" that's been marinated in garlic, salt and pepper, and cooked for three hours to "juicy, tender perfection."

The steak is then placed into a toasted specialty roll and topped with crispy onions and juniper berry cabernet sauce.

Arby's chief marketing officer Rob Lynch said in a statement that the restaurant's goal is to give hunters the meats they're looking for, but can't get at other restaurant chains.

The meat isn't coming from hunted deer, though. Lynch told USA Today that comes from free-range farmed deer.

Lynch went on to say that while Arby's isn't afraid to take risks, “the venison sandwich is probably the biggest stretch for us yet."

Even so, the COO describes it as "incredibly delicious," saying he can't wait for people to try it.

The sandwiches will be available at four Minnesota locations Nov. 4-6. Here's where you can get one:

  • St. Louis Park on Park Place Boulevard
  • Cloquet on Highway 33 South
  • St. Cloud on Lincoln Avenue Southeast
  • St. Cloud on First Street South

The sandwiches will also be available in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Georgia. For a full list of locations and dates available, click here.

Bow hunting for deer started Sept. 17, but the firearm season begins Nov. 5. For more information, visit the DNR's website.

Last year, North American Whitetail named Minnesota the best state in the country for deer hunting.

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