Golden retrievers rescued from Istanbul headed to Minnesota


The golden retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States. But today hundreds of them are roaming the streets of Turkey as strays.

For the first time, a Twin Cities dog rescue group is looking to do something about the problem and hoping to help the dogs, known for making great family companions, find new homes in Minnesota.

On Friday, the rescue group, Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota will pick up 15 pure bred golden retrievers from Istanbul, Turkey, and will put them up for adoption.

The group says the dogs were among the 50,000 strays currently roaming the streets and forests of Turkey – 500 of which they say are golden retrievers.

The group hopes to help these dogs get a new start with a Minnesota family.

"They're great family dogs," Stephanie Perri, a member of the group told FOX 9. "You have kids you can't ask for a better companion."

Perri notes that most of the dogs are likely castoffs of a decade-old fad in Turkey.

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The group is still raising money as they bring the dogs to Minnesota. According to their website, they have raised just over half of the $30,000 they need to cover the expenses.

The group is selling plush dogs as one way to help raise the funds. Proceeds from the purchase of the plush dogs go toward the cost of rescuing the golden retrievers from Turkey.

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