GoMN podcast: Good eats in greater Minnesota with Adam Uren

Shaymus McLaughlin and Adam Uren talk about where to grab a bite outside the Twin Cities, then cover some recent credit score news.

This week on the GoMN podcast we're talking delicious food and credit scores.

Are they related? Not necessarily. But GoMN Senior Producer Adam Uren writes about both with his two recurring features, Where We Eat and The Tip Jar.

Adam and I first talk about some of the great restaurants outside of the Twin Cities. Then he explains a change coming to how some credit scores are calculated, and what it means for you.

You can stream our conversation below, or download the .mp3 directly here.

The rundown

– Adam tells us about his series Where We Eat and how Reddit helped launch it. (1:32)

– How much he liked a recent chocolate malt, and the famous Minnesotan who also loved it. (5:00)

– Some of the recent restaurants he's visited, and a few of the standout foods so far. (9:01)

– Then we get into what a credit score is and why you should not ignore it. (13:19)

– How one a change from one of the big credit score models later this year will affect your credit score. If you're paying off your debt, it's good. (16:55)

If you have any suggestions for places Adam should eat, or any money topics he could consider, email him at adam@gomn.com.

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