GoMN podcast: Talking book trends and good teen reads for adults with Chelsea Couillard-Smith

From the death of vampire fiction, to The Hate U Give and Harry Potter – Chelsea Couillard-Smith with Hennepin County Library fills us in.

This week on the GoMN podcast, Shaymus McLaughlin chats with Hennepin County Library's Chelsea Couillard-Smith.

She's one of the people who pick which books end up on library shelves, and specifically gets to deal with the teen section.

Naturally, Harry Potter comes up – but we also talk about what types of books are trending, the popularity of The Hate U Give, and some teen-oriented series that actually are great for adults too. (There's a more detailed rundown below.)

You can stream our conversation below, or download the .mp3 file directly here.

The rundown

– Chelsea explains how she stays on top of what books people might want to read, and when she can tell a certain type of book – like vampire fiction – is dying down. (1:30)

– How the book The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas is resonating with readers right now, and the popularity of realistic fiction that deals with social issues. (7:38)

– What types of books she's expecting to be popular – and what's getting less popular. (12:48)

– Some great teen book series that are still great if you're an adult. (22:35)

– A whole lot of Harry Potter talk, including how the series changed the book business plus a "Harry Potter Hangover" theory. (31:38)

– And then some events going on at Hennepin County libraries this month (39:10).

Those events include:

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