Google and Amazon are squabbling, and we're the losers

The tech giants are engaged in a tit-for-tat device war.

Google and Amazon are squabbling like a pair of jealous siblings.

Google has said that YouTube – which it owns – will not be available to users of the Amazon Echo Show device, and will be pulled from Amazon Fire TV as of Jan. 1.

The reason? The Verge reports it's in part retaliation for Amazon not selling Google products on its website, including the Google Home (a competitor to the Echo), the Google Chromecast (a competitor to Fire TV) and its Nest smart home devices.

Google also said that Amazon has failed to make its Prime Video service available to streamers using Google Chromecast.

TheNextWeb reports it's the latest maneuver in a feud that dates back two years, when Amazon stopped selling the Chromecast as it promoted its own streaming devices, citing "consumer confusion."

Amazon and Apple make up

But while Amazon and Google are burning bridges, it looks as though an olive branch has been extended from Amazon to Apple.

It was announced on Wednesday that Prime TV will finally be available to Apple TV users.

That move – months in the making – might open the door for Amazon to being selling Apple TV on its site, which it currently does not, CNET says.

The losers? Us.

While you would think it would be in the interests of both Google and Amazon to make life easier for users, they remain fiercely competitive when it comes to their devices.

The Echo and Google Home are direct competitors, as are the Fire TV and Chromecast, while Google has a leg-up on the competition in the smart-home market through its ownership of Nest.


Are TV streaming packages cheaper than cable?

The losers in all this are the consumers who want access to both Amazon and Google services, rather than being forced to pick and choose – or buy separate devices to use both.

YouTube is one of the most popular apps used on TV streaming devices like the Fire TV – it's removal on Jan. 1 will be a blow to any of the apparently "millions" who bought one during Black Friday sales.

If you're selecting a streaming device now, you'd be better off opting for a Roku or Apple TV – neither of those have ticked off Amazon or Google enough to see their services limited.

ZDNet also says that Roku still makes the best streaming devices on the market – giving you another reason to steer clear of Amazon and Google.

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