Google is getting rid of its calorie and mini cupcake counter in Maps

People did not like it.
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The calories burned feature on Google Maps won't be sticking around. 

Google says it's going to remove information about how many calories you could burn by walking instead of driving from its Maps app "based on strong user feedback," the company told TechCrunch.

Google had been testing this feature on iPhones for about a week, but within that time it's been criticized. A lot. 

That's because the app tells you how many calories you'd likely burn – and what it equates to in cupcakes. Google says this is based off the idea that the "average" person burns about 90 calories for every mile they walk, although Google doesn't detail what "average" is. 

I tested it out. If I was to walk from the GoMN office in Minneapolis' North Loop to TCF Bank Stadium, Google says I'd burn about 280 calories – equal to about three mini cupcakes. 

Some argue this is a good incentive to exercise, but critics say this could shame people or it could be a trigger to those with eating disorders

People were also not too happy about the fact Google chose to use a pink cupcake to help put the calories burned into perspective. 

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