Google will give you estimated wait times at restaurants now

This could help you avoid some hangry situations.
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Waiting in line is kind of a bummer.

Waiting in line at a packed restaurant you didn't realize would be so busy while you're ravenous and just need some food in your stomach already is the worst.

Google is rolling out a new feature to help you avoid those long waits at restaurants, and it's built right into the regular search.

Now, when you Google a restaurant, you'll get an estimated wait time along with the results. It appears in the same place that "how busy is it?" graph shows up.

Here's what it looked like when we looked up Mickey's Diner in St. Paul:

This will be available for nearly a million restaurants around the world, Google says. And it will eventually be on Maps, not just search results.

It's not just restaurants though: Google is also implementing this for places like the grocery store, or museums, according to The Verge.

Google hints at this in its FAQ section about the wait times feature, writing:

"For instance, a sit-down restaurant's wait time reflects how long customers wait before being seated. Whereas, a grocery store's wait time reflects how long customers wait to check out their items."

How it pulls this information

Google uses location tracking to figure all this out.

Anyone who has opted in to Google Location History, Google gathers and anonymizes that data. 

It's able to use historical trends to then make its wait time estimates. The same technology is used to offer up the popular times and visit length features.

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