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Koch scandal another in a series of blows to state GOP

Minnesota's Grand Old Party has taken numerous hits recently as key party members resign and debt issues loom.

Senate Majority Leader

Amy Koch surprise resignation from her Senate Majority Leader seat amid allegations of an improper relationship with a Senate staffer comes after a tough couples of weeks for the state GOP. Koch's replacement, Sen. Geoff Michel of Edina, says Koch's chief aide, Michael Brodkorb has also left his job. Brodkorb is an outspoken conservative activist and also campaign manager for First District GOP candidate Michael Parry. Michel doesn't say whether Brodkorb's exit was his own decision.

The resignations come as a leading contender for the state Republican party's chairmanship dropped out of the race to be GOP Chair contender, following his arrest for unpaid license fee. The police arrested Brandon Sawalich based on a clerical error and later reduced the charge, but Sawalich says didn't want to be more of a distraction.

That isn't the only Republican, airport-related trouble in Minnesota. St. Bonifacius City Councilman Joe Arwood, a GOP challenger for Democrat Amy Klobuchar's Senate seat, admitted he pleaded guilty in 2005 to bringing a loaded handgun through airport security. He didn't have a permit for the gun.

State party officials already faced enough setbacks after Tony Sutton abruptly stepped down as party chair, leaving Republicans more than a half million dollars in debt.

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Senjem promises 'fresh start' for senate

After more than 11 hours of debate at a hotel in Roseville, Minnesota Republicans chose Sen. David Senjem, of Rochester, to represent them as majority leader in the state senate. Senjem will replace Amy Koch, who resigned earlier this month after admitting to an inappropriate relationship with a senate staffer.

Republicans regroup after sudden resignation

GOP leaders are urging party members to stay the course just hours after Tony Sutton's abrupt resignation Friday night. The party is more than $500 thousand in debt and facing a pivotal election year in 2012.

Former GOP chair on party debt: "Worth it"

Just hours after Republican officials declared the party $2 million in debt, former party leader Tony Sutton released a statement on his Facebook page saying the numbers reflect a hard fought election and campaign cycle, but that Minnesota is better off because of it.

GOP leaders divided on whether Koch should give up Senate seat

One assistant majority leader says if the allegations of an inappropriate relationship are true, it will be difficult for Amy Koch to stay in the Senate. Another says he hopes she does stay. Koch resigned her post as Senate Majority Leader last week amid allegations of a relationship with a Senate staffer.