GOP group tries to get Wisconsin's Paul Ryan to challenge Trump

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A group of Republicans are turning to Wisconsin to solve the Donald Trump-shaped challenge facing the party.

By Wisconsin, we mean the state's Congressman Paul Ryan, who is currently the highest ranking Republican in office as the House Speaker.

Reuters reports U.S. Republicans are split as they elect a candidate for this year's presidential elections, with some members unhappy that Trump is currently leading the race for delegates.

As a result, a group called The Committee to Draft Speaker Ryan filed papers as a Super PAC with the Federal Election Commission on Thursday.

The aim of the group, the Forum News Service reports, is to rally support around the popular House Speaker as a new candidate for president, with a view to stopping Trump getting the nomination.

But a spokeswoman for Ryan, who has previously rejected calls to run for President, said on Friday he is "flattered, but not interested."

Ryan confirmed in January 2015 he wouldn't be running for president, the Washington Post reported, even though polling data showed him to be popular with the Republican electorate and performed well in 2016 ballot tests.

That doesn't mean he won't run in the future, with the newspaper noting that at just 44 years old (as he was then), he has time on his side and currently has three young children.

His elevation to the position of House Speaker in October, following the resignation of John Boehner, only came after he received assurances he would continue to be able to spend time with his family, Time reports.

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