Got $100 for gas? Drive from Washington DC to Duluth

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If you're standing in front of the White House, with $100 in your pocket for gas and an empty schedule, where should you drive to?

Well try Duluth, The Washington Post says.

The Washington Post did a feature showing how far you could get on a road trip starting from Washington D.C., if you had $100 worth of gas to go one direction (so not including return trip).

And one of the five options the Post highlighted was Minnesota's North Shore city of Duluth.

What to do there if you're visiting? The newspaper suggests:

  • Watch the Aerial Lift Bridge.
  • Check out the Lakewalk.
  • Visit Glensheen Mansion.
  • And poke your head into the Duluth Depot.

The City of Duluth called the shout-out "great recognition ... as a destination for travelers."

Google Maps says it's an 18-19 hour drive, totaling approximately 1,175 miles.

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And with gas prices in DC coming in at $2.24 on average (which is very low compared to recent summers), if you've got a 2013 model car that gets an average of 27.6miles per gallon, you should be able to get from there to Duluth with a Benjamin.

And of course you can flip this – if you're in Duluth and have $100 to drive somewhere, maybe think about the nation's capital.

The other cities the Washington Post suggested: Cape Breton, Nova Scotia (so bring a passport for that one), Omaha, Little Rock, and Key West.

Just a few months ago we looked at how far $50 of gas would get you if you started in the Twin Cities. Detroit, St. Louis, Wichita, Indianapolis, South Dakota’s Badlands, and some of Canada’s southernmost national parks on the eastern coast of Lake Superior are all within reach.

Gas prices highest of the year though

Interestingly enough, the Washington Post says they did this partly because gas prices are projected to be lower this summer than they've been in years ($2.24 on average for a gallon of unleaded).

But compared to recent prices, they're still high.

AAA said Monday the national average is $2.38 a gallon – the most expensive gas has been all year.

In Minnesota, the average Monday was a bit cheaper at $2.27. Last year at this time it was $2.68.

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