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Gov. Dayton earned $352,000 last year, gave $10K to charity


Gov. Mark Dayton earned $352,601 last year, according to his 2013 tax return which he released to the public Wednesday. His income came from three sources:

– Salary as governor: $116,092

– Capital gains: $163,405

– Dividends: $73,062

Dayton's total income was about $9,300 higher than in 2012, MPR News reports. He paid $76,008 in federal taxes and $29, 932 in state taxes, making his effective tax rate 30 percent.

Dayton, who is an heir to his family’s department store fortune, donated $10,000 to charity last year, compared to only $1,000 in 2012. He said at the time that he was disappointed in himself for not giving more, and said he would "remedy" the situation, MPR News reported.

In 2011, Dayton donated $8,100 to charity.

Dayton, a DFLer, has released his tax returns each year since 2010, according to the Star Tribune, even though it's not required in Minnesota.

Three of the Republicans running for governor – Kurt Zellers, Jeff Johnson and Scott Honour – are expected to release their tax information as well, since they did so last year. The fourth candidate, Marty Seifert, said he will not make his tax information public, the Star Tribune notes.

The four Republicans are facing off in the Aug. 12 primary to determine which of them will move on to the November general election against Dayton.

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