Gov. Dayton, Target CEO discuss layoffs over phone, will meet next week


Governor Mark Dayton and Target chief executive Brian Cornell are set to meet face-to-face over the looming job cuts in Minneapolis, but apparently the matter couldn't wait – the two talked over a telephone call Thursday.

This, after Dayton sought an "urgent meeting" with Cornell in the wake of the layoff announcement, which the company said would affect thousands of employees at its Twin Cities headquarters. Dayton told reporters that he'd been given no advance warning of the decision, an apparent violation of protocol.

The announcement came this week during an investor conference in New York.

Though Dayton (along with Lt. Gov. Tina Smith) and Cornell are scheduled to meet in person next week, Dayton says the CEO called him Thursday to discuss Target's two-year layoff plan, according to the Associated Press.

The news service says Dayton fears that Minnesota will lose the thousands of dismissed employees to companies in other states.

No details yet on how deeply the two went into the job cuts or other issues, but a Star Tribune report suggests the governor is quite curious as to whether the Target leadership were aware of the difficulties their decision would cause their workers.

"I hope (Cornell is) cognizant of that," he told the paper. "I intend to find that out for myself."

Otherwise, it's unclear what may come of their eventual meeting, but a tweet from a Pioneer Press reporter indicates Dayton knows his options are limited to helping the unemployed line up new work:

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