Gov. Scott Walker gets a * in new presidential poll – essentially 0 percent support


Right now, Scott Walker is almost nobody's first choice.

The Wisconsin governor and Republican presidential candidate – when put up against the 15 other candidates – essentially got 0 percent support when respondents were asked who they were most likely to support for the GOP nomination, according to a CNN/ORC International poll released Sunday.

Instead, he simply got an asterisk – which means below 1 percent.

As you can see, in late July he was at 10 percent – third behind Donald Trump and Jeb Bush. Walker has simply dropped since.

Update: Walker announced a press conference for 5 p.m. in Madison, Wisconsin Monday. No word on what it's about.

'Meltdown,' 'last stand,' 'flummoxed'

It's a "meltdown mystery," the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says of Walker's drop.

Bloomberg Politics says he's now mounting his "last stand," choosing to focus specifically on Iowa (at least 10 days a month, the candidate told the site) as he tries to regroup.

It's worth noting the poll spoke with 305 registered voters who describe themselves as Republican, and another 139 who call themselves independent but lean Republican.

It's got a sampling error of +/- 4.5 percentage points, so Walker could have a modicum of support still out there, potentially above other candidates such as Chris Christie, Rick Santorum and John Kasich.

So Walker has fallen – but why?

More than a week ago, when Walker had dropped to 3 percent in a Quinnipiac University poll, Politico argued Walker cratered himself by being inconsistent, unable to live up to national hype.

A Bloomberg column, after the second GOP debate, described Walker as "flummoxed" because his strategy – building support among the right wingers by arguing he has a proven record of fighting and winning – fell apart. Part of the reason is Donald Trump, who's a "huge" winner and the "best" fighter, squeezing out Walker.

Walker still seen favorably

He's got some support as voters' second choice though, and people do view him favorably.

The Journal Sentinel notes other polling by Gallup, Quinnipiac University and Des Moines Register/Bloomberg all found well over half of the people asked thought positively of Walker, and very few (usually single digits or low double-digits) saw him unfavorably.

Huffington Post keeps an ongoing favorable rating tracker. Here's Walker's.

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But that doesn't make him many voters' likely top choice. A few more see him as No. 2 though.

The Sunday CNN poll found 2 percent of respondents listed Walker as their next selection. That's ahead of Kasich, Sanotrum and Lindsey Graham – but behind options "Someone else," "None/No one," and "No opinion."

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