Gov. Scott Walker picked to serve on Wisconsin jury

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Forget about running the state of Wisconsin – Gov. Scott Walker is occupied with other things this week. Or at least a couple days.

WISN reports that Walker was selected to serve on a jury for a personal injury lawsuit at the Milwaukee County Courthouse.

The trial, which began Tuesday, is expected to wrap up Wednesday.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Walker remained on the jury even though the defendant once contributed to his political campaign.

Walker was also among a pool of potential jurors for a murder trial Monday, but was not selected, the Journal Sentinel says. Walker was among 29 potential jurors being considered for the trial of a man accused in a shooting death last May.

No reason was given why Walker and the other potential jurors were struck from the panel.

A Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, resident, Walker said he was up for jury duty one time during his eight-year tenure as a Milwaukee County executive and also while he served as an Assembly representative – but wasn't selected either time.

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