Grab a football and some feathers – it's almost Superb Owl Sunday


You're probably familiar with Super Bowl Sunday... but what about Superb Owl Sunday?

That's what the International Owl Center in Houston, Minn. will be celebrating on Feb. 7.

They'll be honoring the game and their feathered friends by inviting people to get creative and competitive.

Here's the challenge: design an owl out of a football.

According to their Facebook post, people can use any kind of football – leather, plastic, foam, etc – and people can color it, coat it in "paper mache, or whatever." The basic football shape just has to be recognizable.

People have two ways to enter. You can either drop off your creation at the owl center, or you can submit a photo online by emailing it to The entries are due by 4 p.m. on Jan. 31, and you can only send in one photo.

The post says the in-person "footb-owls" will be judged separately from the ones submitted online. The International Owl center will display the masterpieces through the Festival of Owls, which runs March 4-6.

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