Grain elevator fire closes Interstate 94 near Barnesville

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Traffic on both sides of a busy stretch of Interstate 94 near the Minnesota-North Dakota border had to be halted for several hours on Sunday when fire erupted at a grain elevator in Barnesville, Minn.

Forum News Service reported the blazed at the Agassiz Valley Grain elevator at the intersection near I-94 and Highway 9 broke out at around 9:30 a.m. Because the fire was near a large propane tank, fire authorities were concerned that it would rupture and erupt. Clay County Sheriff Bill Bergquist said firefighters had to keep pouring water on the tank to keep it from exploding.

“If that thing got too hot that thing would’ve exploded, and that would’ve been devastating,” Bergquist said.

KFGO reported that emergency crews from at least five fire departments from communities nearby in northwestern Minnesota responded to the fire. Investigators say the blaze may have been linked to a faulty valve and the cause will be investigated. No one was injured in connection with the incident.

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