Grand Forks: 4 siblings accused of meth trafficking may face federal charges


Four Grand Forks siblings accused of dealing methamphetamine may soon face federal charges, while a fifth sibling is already doing time in jail on unrelated charges.

WDAY-TV identifies the family as Don, Dustin, Desiree and Doree Keplin. The felonies in state district court carry a maximum 20 year sentence. The federal charges would mean possibly stiffer penalties, according to the station.

The Grand Forks Herald says the four, ages 26 to 41, were involved in sale of meth to confidential informants. The Herald reports that the conspiracy involved obtaining meth in Texas and the Twin Cities, and making drug deals on Feb. 25, March 11, and April 9 and 12.

The paper goes on to unravel a narrative of the drug trafficking, and notes that defense attorneys are expecting federal charges. Don, Dustin and Doree are in Grand Forks County jail awaiting trial and Desiree is free on bail, the paper reports.

The fifth sibling, Devin Keplin, 35, is in jail on separate felony charges of theft and fleeing police from incidents in March unconnected to the alleged meth deals, according to the Herald.

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