Great January reading: Summer of '13 warm, dry

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We all know this really isn't it. Summer doesn't really end until the third week of September.

But with Labor Day in the rear view mirror, there's no going back. It's time to get used to the tag line heard over and over to promote HBO's Game of Thrones series: "Winter is coming."

In February, just after another non-appearance by the Vikings in the Super Bowl, when cabin-fever truly sets in -- do yourself a favor and look back on this friendly post.

The one about that warm, dry summer of 2013.

According to the Pioneer Press, the average temperature in the Twin Cities June through August was 72.9 degrees. That's 1.6 degrees above normal.

The average rainfall amount was 10.75 inches, 1.84 inches below normal.

As for that wet, wet June? Well, little rain and high temps to close out August made it a distant memory.

According to the National Weather Service, the region is now considered to be in a moderate drought.

Silver lining?

You can turn off the air conditioner, which you probably had running for a solid week.

That is, until Friday, when the region could see 90s again, according to KARE-TV's weather team.

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