Great Scott! MN man wins Back to the Future self-lacing sneakers

Where Aaron Borland's going, he doesn't need roads. But he does need shoes.

Where Aaron Borland's going, he doesn't need roads. But he does need shoes.

Now the St. Paulite owns one of the most coveted pairs in the world, after the former Gophers football recruiting assistant was among the lucky few to win a pair of Nike Mag self-lacing sneakers – as worn by Marty McFly in Back to the Future 2.

According to, just 89 pairs of the limited edition sneaker have been made by Nike, and 84 of them were up for grabs in an online drawing that cost $10 to enter. The proceeds went toward helping fight Parkinson's disease, which afflicts the phenomenally popular film series' star, Michael J. Fox.

Borland, who according to the Star Tribune is a "bit of a shoe collector," received a notification on Monday that he was one of the winners, having donated $30 on the last day entries were being taken.

That $30 could now be worth six figures. Nike made one extra pair, which was the only set available for purchase, and according to SneakerNews it sold for $104,267 in Hong Kong last week.

So how do they work?

HighSnobiety gives a detailed overview here, but in summary, the automatic lacing system is powered by a small motor, which is itself joined to two belts that are attached to the laces.

The mechanism is automatically triggered when your body mass is detected by a weight sensor in the heel, with the straps locking in place after tightening. There are also manual controls to loosen them if they get too tight.

With one piece of Back to the Future history secured, Borland now just needs a hoverboard and he'll be dumping school bullies in manure in no time.

You can check out Michael J. Fox modeling the shoes himself on The Jimmy Kimmel Show last year.

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