Green Party presidential candidate makes her pitch to Twin Cities voters


A presidential candidate made an appearance in Minneapolis on Tuesday. Not that one, or the other one, but Green Party leader Dr. Jill Stein.

Stein took to the stage at the Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC) forum at the Capri Theater in north Minneapolis, telling the hundreds in attendance she wanted to address racial disparities across the country and end police brutality of black Americans.

"This issue of police violence is really just the tip of an iceberg," Stein said, according to WCCO. "It is a crisis that must be fixed in and of itself. But in order to really fix this crisis, we have to fix the surrounding crisis that it’s a part of."

The Star Tribune reports that Harvard-educated candidate also attended a rally in south Minneapolis, and at both events courted the support of Bernie Sanders voters with her calls for economic and environmental justice, as well as advocating for renewable energy sources she believes holds the key to job creation.

Stein will appear on the general election ballot in Minnesota this November, the newspaper reports, after supporters submitted 6,700 signatures to the Secretary of State's Office on Monday, way more than the 2,000 required.

Despite Stein getting just 1 percent of the vote in Minnesota in the last election, Green Party members believe this could be a big bounce-back year, the Forum News Service reports, because disaffected Bernie Sanders voters could go Green, knowing that Donald Trump is more than likely to lose to Clinton.

"I know there isn't any question in my mind that I will not vote for the donkey or the elephant," 69-year-old Ron Wetzell told the Forum, saying he is looking for an alternative after being "all0in and full-out" for Bernie Sanders.

If Stein gets 5 percent of the vote in Minnesota this November, the Green Party will get "major party status," the newspaper reports, which helps with campaign subsidies, ballot access and attention.

Nationally, Stein is lagging behind Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, GOP candidate Donald Trump and Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, and is fighting to rally support so that she may be included in the upcoming presidential debates, Inquistr reports.

The Huffington Post says Stein has 5 percent support nationwide, and Johnson 10 percent, and in order to make the debates a candidate needs 15 percent support at the minimum.

Supporters of Gary Johnson in Minnesota also gathered enough signatures to get him on the ballot this November, MinnPost reports.

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