Grinch strikes again. Protect your presents if you can!


Fox 9 reports that someone swiped a family's Christmas stash Thursday. The burglar took not just electronics and presents under the tree, but those hidden around the house.

When Enjoli Rosas and her two boys came home Thursday night, their living room was a mess. At first she thought her 13-year-old Demitrius had taken the electronics upstairs. Then she realized she'd been robbed.

"I just stood stuck like, 'How am I going to fix this?'"

The single working mother said she didn't couldn't sleep that night and neither could her sons.

"I was just really scared and angry -- enraged," Demitrius said.

The house on Morton Street on St. Paul's West Side has 17 windows. Rosas moved in a little more than a year ago. Now she worries that she's being watched, and whoever took the gifts knows her routine.

"I thought, 'Oh! I can put curtains up! I can do this! I can do that!' I never thought, 'Oh, that gives a whole bunch of opportunity for someone to come inside my home,'" she said.

The family was cheered when the police officers who took the report came back with presents Friday.

BringMetheNews reported on a similar theft last week. A thief took presents and documents from a St. Paul apartment.

Officials say identity theft is also on the rise online, NBC News reported. Experts tell the network that shoppers are more vulnerable now because the holiday season is a hectic time of the year and people tend to be more distracted.

As for the burglary in St. Paul, it isn’t the first one to take place in the broad daylight.

In Edina, a security camera recently caught a holiday Grinch stealing delivered packages from a porch, and the victims are not alone. Police nationwide said there has been a rise in thefts from porches, NBC’s “Today” show said.

Essentially, people need to be alert no matter where they are during the holiday season. Police say the season is also prime time for thieves who search store parking lots, looking for presents in people’s cars to steal.

St. Paul police are reminding people to get safety tips at their website.


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