'Grocery Express' will connect Duluth food deserts to supermarket


If your neighborhood doesn't have a grocery store and you don't have a car, how do you get healthy food at a reasonable price?

For residents of two Duluth neighborhoods considered food deserts a new option will open up on Sept. 1, when the city's transit agency rolls out the Grocery Express.

As FOX 21 reports, the new bus route will operate one day a week specifically to connect the Lincoln Park and Morgan Park neighborhoods with a Super One store in West Duluth.

Residents of those neighborhoods live more than a mile from a full-service supermarket,

" target="_blank">the Duluth News Tribune reports.

Lincoln Park resident Cheryl Olson tells the newspaper many people in the neighborhood do not have cars and shopping at convenience stores puts a dent in the budget. Olson is enthusiastic about the Grocery Express' arrival.

The Duluth Transit Authority (DTA) has equipped the Grocery Express bus with bins where shoppers can stow their purchases for the ride home, the News Tribune says.

The group

" target="_blank">Fair Food Access has been working with the Lincoln Park neighborhood on how to relieve its food desert status.

Organizer Matt Traynor tells Northland's NewsCenter the group canvassed the neighborhood and heard residents describe transportation as their biggest obstacle. Currently, shoppers face a walk of several blocks to get from the nearest bus stop to the Super One.

Fair Food Access is planning a neighborhood event on Aug. 27 to help spread the word about the Grocery Express.

Traynor tells Northland's NewsCenter the DTA has agreed to operate the bus for four months and will assess its ridership at the end of the year.

The News Tribune says the DTA and Super One will work together on marketing the Grocery Express.

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