Group asks Governor to stop the wolf hunt


A Minnesota group asked Gov. Mark Dayton to stop the wolf hunt. The season, which is the state's second began on Saturday along with the opening of the deer hunting season.

WCCO reports that "Howling For Wolves" says too many wolves are dying in Minnesota, despite the state cutting the number of wolves that can be harvested nearly in half. Last year hunters were allowed to take 413 wolves, this year that number has been reduced to 220.

KARE 11 reports that the group has given the governor a petition with 50,000 signatures asking him to stop the wolf hunt.

After the first season, the wolf population was estimated to have declined by a fourth since 2008. That is the reason for the reduction in the number of licenses for this season.

The group's founder, Maureen Hackett says the wolf population is at its lowest since 1988. She calls the hunt cruel and says its ruining a population that is dear to Minnesota.

The Department of Natural Resources said there is good news on the population of wolves though. The long winter created ideal conditions for a large number of wolf pups this spring.

During the opening weekend hunters killed around 40 wolves, most of those were killed in northwestern Minnesota.

So far more than 60 wolves have been killed in the early season. The DNR tracks the wolf hunt on dedicated website.

Dayton says the hunt was established by the legislature and if people disagree with the hunt, they should take it up with their legislator.



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