Group of Republicans sue to block Minnesota online voter registration system


Some Republican lawmakers and conservative activists are suing to block the state's online voter registration system, claiming Secretary of State Mark Ritchie lacked legislative authority to implement it, The Associated Press reports.

The group, including Sen. Warren Limmer and Rep. Steve Drazkowski, will give details of the lawsuit at a press conference scheduled for Monday at the state Capitol.

Although Gov. Mark Dayton supports the idea of online voter registration, he also believes Ritchie should have sought approval from the Legislature before the system went online.

Last month, The Associated Press says, Senate Minority Leader David Hann, Sen. Scott Newman and Rep. Tim Sanders asked Ritchie to take down the website until lawmakers could review the system, but Ritchie reportedly refused.

More than 1,500 people have used the system so far.

Ritchie suggested last month that the dispute over the website could best be resolved in court.

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