Group takes aim at world-record snowball fight in St. Paul

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A group of beer lovers is hoping to make its January festival the site of a record-breaking snowball fight.

Organizers of the Jan. 25 Beer Dabbler event at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds on Wednesday announced their goal of drawing 7,000 for the epic battle. For the record to be official, combatants are required to fire snowballs at each other for 1 minute.

The Guinness Book of World Records says the previous record for largest snowball fight was set earlier this year in Seattle. More than 5,800 participants flung the fluffy stuff at each other for a full 90 seconds in the shadow the Space Needle, the Seattle Times reported.

Here's video of the event.

Snowmaking machines will be used if there is not enough snow in St. Paul, the Associated Press reports.

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