Growing global starts with a global people strategy

Are you a company executive going through change and growth this year? Bill Scrimgeour, President and COO of Zinpro, shares his insight...

I had the honor of meeting with Bill Scrimgeour, President and COO of Zinpro, at his most recent Global Sales Meeting in Hawaii. He was excited and beaming with enthusiasm for the growth of his company and the people he is working with to lead their charge into the future.

Here are a few of the key messages Bill had for us and for any company executive going through change and growth this year.

PB: “Bill, you seem to be excited about all that is going on. Can you tell us a bit about what has you all fired up?”

WS: “Sure, you see, we have been enjoying rapid sales both through our North American and International sales channels over the past several years…in fact we are 22% ahead of where we were this time last year. We are on track to achieve our projected budget and we will have added 100 new people to our team over the past two years.

PB: “Wow, that’s impressive…and in an uncertain economy too. To what do you attribute your stellar growth? Products, processes, people?”

WS: “All of the above really…but the biggest impact is coming from our people. Their hard work and dedication are creating the rapid growth at Zinpro. But, with the tremendous growth, of course comes challenges. It is critically important to us that we not become the biggest organic trace mineral feed additive company, but rather, become the very best…and that takes continually innovating our value delivery systems.”

PB: “Can you say more about that? What are you doing that is setting Zinpro up for success this year?”

WS: “First, we have re-focused our Strategic Plan to highlight the realignment of our leadership team and support the new global Regional Business Units which help us to bring our values services closer to our international customers. By doing this we keep our customers first and our support people can better handle their growing requests for resources. Our people have been wearing a number of hats and working diligently around the globe to meet the growing demand. The Regional Business unit strategy puts people and systems in place in five global regions to provide improved service to our customers, and allow us to better support our Zinpro team members.”

WS: “In addition to that, we are using our new growth and energy to fuel the impetus to improve all of our internal systems. This will help us to prepare for future growth and helps our people become more resilient and flexible in the face of change. We believe in developing the global effectiveness of our leaders and team members, and developing everyone as a collaborative global member of the Zinpro team.”

PB: Bill, Can you say more about how you are treating the change and growth?

WS: “Rapid growth is driving change in Zinpro Corporation and change is touching everyone in the company. By working closely together, collaborating and communicating, we will manage the change and attain great success. Zinpro Corporation was structured under a business model that encourages teamwork and collaboration to drive its success and reward for all. It is through this ethos, that we have been able to achieve great things. We will carry this spirit as we plan for future growth and I believe that through this spirit, we will achieve the future vision of our company, ‘To be the global leader in animal mineral nutrition and performance.’”

PB: So to close, I am taking away these five key important messages:

1. Zinpro’s rapid growth is driving your people to get good at change.

2. You are investing in the future by focusing on Global People Development.

3. Strategic Planning has helped you to redefine your short and long-term road map.

4. Global Company Realignment is setting you up for success and further growth.

5. Developing a global collaboration mindset among all of your business units is paving the way for future success.

Thanks for taking time to speak with us Bill and much success to you and the team at Zinpro!

Peter Bailey, Sr. Vice President, Organization Development: Peter is a seniorconsultant in the Organization Development practice area at the Prouty Project. Peteris a multi-faceted experiential designer and facilitator who has 25 years of experiencein the fields of high-technology, telecom, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and customerservice.

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