Gun dealer snaps back at Mayor Rybak


Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak not long ago told the City Council that he and other city leaders across the country planned to lean on companies that supply guns and ammunition to city police forces that block gun control initiatives, MPR reported.

Rybak said that since 2008, Minneapolis has spent about $200,000 on guns and $600,000 on ammunition, the Star Tribune reported. He told the council that the city ought to determine who is working against the city in its gun control efforts, and make purchasing decisions accordingly.

“I believe we should put our money where our mouth is,” Rybak said.

Now an update: Apple Valley firearms dealer Gary Shade has written an email to the City Council, pointedly noting: "WE DON'T WANT YOUR BUSINESS," the Star Tribune reports.

Shade doesn't do business with Minneapolis police, but Shade says he never would because "your mayor believes he can bully gun manufacturers with threats of no business."

Rybak has emerged as a vocal advocate for President Barack Obama's call for new gun control measures. He has taken several swipes at Congress for not taking strong stance on the issue. He told the New York Times he would not be satisfied by a compromise that did not address assault weapons and focused only on background checks.

“I don’t think any of us should accept anything other than complete effort and knocking off the political wimpsmanship that I think too often takes place around these issues,” Rybak said. “Get a spine. Get a backbone because people are losing their lives.”

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