Gun goes off in classroom after 1st-grader brings it to school

The first-grader brought the handgun to class and it went off Friday morning.

A 7-year-old boy brought a handgun into a St. Paul elementary school and fired it into the floor of a classroom.

It happened Friday at the Crossroads Elementary School, according to a statement from St. Paul Public Schools, and fortunately nobody was hurt.

The first-grader brought the handgun to class, and at around 8:40 a.m. it went off, firing into the floor.

"There were no threats directed at staff and students," St. Paul Public Schools said. "Staff immediately confiscated the weapon and the police department is investigating the incident."

The school district warned "there are serious consequences for these actions," saying it will follow standard disciplinary procedures outlined in state law and the student rights handbook.

The incident at the Montessori school was first revealed by city council member Amy Brendmoen, who wrote about it on the Como Neighbors Fun Stuff Facebook page, the Star Tribune reports.

Police are investigating how the student got the gun, and the circumstances that led to it being fired in the class.

Guns in schools

Although incidents of firearms being brought to school by students tends to happen at high schools, The Trace reports there have been times at elementary schools where children as young as 4 have been found with guns.

Between August and November last year, some 77 students across the country were found to be in possession of a gun, the site notes.

The IBTimes reports that around 265 children were involved in accidental shootings in America last year, of which 83 were fatal and half of those resulted in the death of the children themselves.

According to gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety, most of these involved toddlers or teens playing recklessly with guns.

Minnesota is one of the states where the parents can be prosecuted for a misdemeanor if their child is able to access a gun that's been carelessly stored, Everytown notes.

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