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Gun threat in Orono came from inside the high school, student arrested

Neither the suspect nor a person of interest had a weapon on them.

A student of Orono High School was arrested after their alleged post on social media caused schools across the city to go into lockdown on Wednesday.

Students on edge from last week's school shooting in Florida were made to fear for their safety after police reacted to a specific threat of gun violence against a school in Orono.

A lockdown of all schools started at 11:15 a.m., with Orono Middle and High Schools the last to be allowed to leave around 5 p.m. after an arrest had been made.

Police revealed that a Orono High School student is thought to be responsible for the threat, which was allegedly posted from inside the school.

They were arrested on suspicion of making terroristic threats, Orono police told the media, while a person of interest was also taken in for questioning.

Neither of them had weapons on them.

Every Orono school building will have a police presence on Thursday, police said.

Wednesday's lockdown was a real scare for students inside campus buildings as well as parents outside of it, who were told to stay away from school property while police addressed the threats.

Ashley Clements, a junior at Orono High School, told MPR how they realized the lockdown was genuine, "all of us started worrying and kids started questioning what was going on; there was rumors that some kid had a gun and everybody went crazy."

Some took to social media to seek answers from police and share the fear they experienced while police investigated the threat.

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