Gun violence protesters rally in Minnesota State Capitol

They packed the State Capitol Rotunda as they called for more gun control measures.

Scores of protesters packed into the Minnesota State Capitol Rotunda on Thursday, where they rallied for gun control.

The protest was organized by anti-gun violence group Protect Minnesota, which advocates for effective gun laws that makes gun ownership safer.

The orange-clad demonstrators from mostly women's groups rallied in the Rotunda at 2 p.m., visiting the Governor's Office shortly and calling on him to veto any dangerous gun bills that come across his desk.

In calling for "sensible gun laws," Protect Minnesota voices its opposition to the permit-less carry and "stand your ground" bills that have been proposed for discussion by Minnesota GOPers this legislative session.

They expressed serious opposition to suggestions at the national level, by among others President Donald Trump, that some teachers need to be armed. 

A loud chant of "vote them out" spread around the Rotunda when the subject turned to the lack of action at legislative level.

It's the second anti-gun violence protest in as many days in the Twin Cities, with students at multiple Minneapolis schools staging a walkout on Wednesday in solidarity with Parkland, Florida, the scene of a mass school shooting that left 17 dead.

Among the organizations also involved in the Thursday protest was Women's March Minnesota, Jewish Community Action, Moms Rising, and the Minnesota Public Health Association.

There were several leading political figures in attendance too, among them gubernatorial candidate and state auditor Rebecca Otto.

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