Guns, ammunition, drugs found during arrest of alleged white supremacist


A man with reported ties to a white supremacist group had guns, ammunition and drugs when he was arrested earlier this week, in Woodbury.

The Pioneer Press reports 35-year old Samuel David Shoen was wearing a bulletproof vest when he was arrested.

Shoen is facing charges of second-degree possession of methamphetamine, three counts of possession of a firearm by an ineligible person and commission of a crime while wearing or possessing a bullet-resistant vest.

According to the Star Tribune, police recovered another vest a loaded AR-15 rifle, three loaded 30-round AR-15 magazines, a loaded 60-round magazine and a backpack with more than 1,200 rounds of ammunition for the AR-15, from the car.

Shoen is believed to have ties to the white supremacist group the Hammerskins, according to the Star Tribune. Police began investigating Shoen in November after receiving a confidential tip that he had dozens of grenades and that he carried a fully automatic Uzi.

Authorities used the informant to set up a gun buy, during which the informant and an undercover police officer allegedly purchased a submachine gun from Shoen for $3500, according to a KARE 11 report.

The Star Tribune says a second informant traveled with Shoen to his grow house in northern Minnesota but the informant took Shoen's car and returned to the metro area after Shoen became suspicious.

Police followed a car Shoen was in as he returned to the Twin Cities on Tuesday. The Star Tribune says the officers used a PIT maneuver to force the vehicle he was in off of Highway 694 in Woodbury. Shoen and two others in the car were taken into custody.

The Pioneer Press says prosecutors are seeking $1 million bail for Shoen during his first court appearance on Thursday. Ramsey County attorney's office spokesman, Dennis Gerhardstein said he "represents a clear and present danger to law enforcement and the confidential informant."

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