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Panel hears mixed testimony on Capitol's gun policy


The debate surrounding whether guns should be allowed at the state Capitol building continued Tuesday, but failed to move an advisory committee reviewing security policies any closer to a decision on what actions to recommend, according to the Associated Press.

Current policy allows anyone with a valid permit to carry a gun at the Capitol if they have given notice, which more than 830 people have done.

In the second of two hearings this month, public testimony fell on both sides of the issue.

Some residents urged lawmakers to ban civilians from bringing firearms into the capitol, arguing that citizens have the right to feel free of intimidation during the democratic process while others said they shouldn't have to give up their Second Amendment right, the Associated Press reported.

The panel, including Lt. Gov. Yvette Prettner-Solon and four other lawmakers, is reviewing the policy, but is not out ban firearms, MPR reports.

Politics in Minnesota said the committee adjourned Tuesday without making any recommendations.

The Legislature would have to approve any changes to the gun policy.

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