Hamilton producer hints the show may come to Minnesota

All this came in the form of a rap exchange, which is pretty great.

Could Hamilton be coming to Minnesota?

Jeffrey Seller, the producer of the popular Broadway show, hinted to Sen. Amy Klobuchar Monday that plans for Minneapolis could be announced in the coming months.

Seller testified at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing a few weeks ago regarding ticket bots – legislation Klobuchar backs that would prohibit the use of ticket bots, which scoop bunches of tickets and make it harder for actual human fans to buy them.

As part of the hearing, Klobuchar submitted a question for Seller in the form of a rap, wondering why a production of the show was stopping in Des Moines, but not in the Twin Cities.

"How does a Great-Laked, north state, home of a Prince and some
Gophers, nice, in that we’re always so
Polite, the might of good Midwesterners, by watchfulness
So populous with fanfare
Get Hamilton the musical to tour there?

Mr. Seller, do not throw away Minnesota’s shot.

Thank you. (Mic drop.)"

And on Monday, Seller responded – also in a rap set to the tune of the song “Alexander Hamilton”:

"Minneapolis-St. Paul.
I sure love Minneapolis-St. Paul.
There’s a million fans who’ll see the show.
But you’ll have to wait,
Just you wait…

Or to quote one more Lin-Manuel Miranda song:
'Paciencia y Fe.'

We have a plan for Minneapolis that we will be announcing in the coming months.


Jeffrey Seller"

Hamilton tells the story of the life and death of Alexander Hamilton, but also touches on the origins and aspirations of America itself, the New York Times explained.

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote and starred in the New York production of the show, which uses contemporary music to suggest that the 18th century story is still relevant today, the paper adds.

The show opened on Broadway in August 2015, and has since become one of the most talked about in years, due in part to its originality and bringing theater to the mainstream, Variety explained.

As a result, tickets were hard to get. And they became even harder to buy when ticket bots started gobbling up all the available seats, Playbill said. That's why Seller testified at the Senate hearing in support of ticket bot legislation.

A Chicago production of the hit musical opened last month, ABC 7 reported. The production also has tour stops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C., with several more cities – including Des Moines – planned for the tour in the 2017-18 season, according to the "Hamilton" website.

The website says: "additional cities to be announced soon."

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