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Hang out with hundreds of butterflies at Como Zoo

This might not be the story for you if you've got lepidopterophobia.

If you're feeling lost and confused, twisted and used up (like everyone's favorite band from 2000), maybe this will help put you in a good mood.

Como Zoo is bringing back its butterflies exhibit: a giant greenhouse, where you can go walk amongst hundreds of fluttering butterflies.

Blooming butterflies opens June 16, the zoo says. It's free (just like the zoo itself), but every day at noon you can pay $1 to release your own personal butterfly into the exhibit.

What to expect


Butterflies. Lots and lots of butterflies. (So if you have lepidopterophobia, maybe this isn't for you.)

The zoo will release up to 400 butterflies every single week. There will ultimately be more than 100 species in the habitat, with butterflies from Africa, Asia and the Americas represented. Like a crazy town full of only humans and butterflies (sorry.)

The zoo says it'll get more than 6,000 pupae (the chrysalis) shipped in. They'll each be checked to make sure they're OK and, assuming they are, the pupae will be pinned to a foam board in an entrance chamber. Then, when the beautiful butterflies hatch days or weeks later, they'll go into the exhibit.

Blooming Butterflies will be open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. from June 12 through Sept. 4, the zoo says.

Some of the money to help pay for the exhibit comes from Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment fund – approved by voters in 2008, and created specifically to guarantee new taxpayer funds would go to arts and environmental efforts.

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