Hardee's apologizes to police officer refused meal because cook 'doesn't like cops'

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Restaurant chain Hardee's has apologized after a police officer in Minnesota was denied service because the cook "doesn't like cops."

The West Central Tribune reports that Jackie Minks, of the Milaca Police Department, described in a Facebook post an incident in which she was denied service at her local Hardee's.

"A cook ... refused to make food for me today because she doesn't like cops," she wrote, according to the newspaper. "When I talked to the manager about it, she dismissed it as 'silly' and said she wasn't going to do anything about the employee."

"I asked for the phone number of her general manager and she said she didn’t have it. I asked for the phone number for the headquarters of Hardee’s, she told me to ‘look it up on Hardee’s.com.’"

She told WCCO that the manager ended up cooking her the meal.

Speaking to MPR on Friday, Minks explained that the reason she was in the restaurant in the first place was to buy dinner for someone left stranded because the driver of the car they were in had been arrested.

After describing the situation in the Facebook post, which was shared widely, Minks received a direct apology from Hardee's, which she accepted, with Hardee's saying "this kind of discrimination will not be tolerated at their stores."

A spokesperson for CKE Restaurants, the owner of Hardee's, told WCCO the cook no longer works there.

The restaurant has offered to buy the entire Milaca Police Department breakfast, with Minks happy to move on from the incident, saying she's always had a "good relationship" with the eatery and its workers.

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