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Harteau leaves many questions unanswered in Uptown police shooting


At a news conference Wednesday, Minneapolis Police Chief Janeé Harteau was still unable to answer many questions regarding a shooting incident that left two police officers injured and Terrance T. Franklin, 22, fatally shot in the basement of an Uptown home last Friday.

Harteau said she felt "less than comfortable" sharing too much information as the investigation continues.

Investigators are still waiting for forensics on evidence gathered at the scene, a final autopsy report and statements from witnesses--including statements from the two SWAT team members, Michael Meath and Ricardo Muro, who were shot and are recovering in the hospital.

Police said last week that Franklin was a suspected burglar who had a long arrest record and fled police in a vehicle Friday afternoon. They say he crashed it twice before fleeing on foot, eventually into a home at 2717 Bryant Ave. S. Police said he attacked a police dog that had been sent in after him.

Officers went into the house and shots were fired, leaving Franklin dead and the two officers injured.

Police said Franklin fought with officers, and that he reached for an officer’s MP5 submachine gun.

Harteau declined to comment on whether Franklin was armed, saying those details will be released when the investigation is complete.

In a related incident, a responding police SUV traveling on Blaisdell Avenue S. collided with a motorcycle, killing the driver, 24-year-old Ivan Romero Olivares. His girlfriend, Joselin Torrejon-Villamil, was seated behind him and survived.

The Star Tribune reports Olivares was on his way to wire money to his mother in Mexico for Mother's Day before the crash.

Harteau says although the squad had a red light, its sirens were turned on and the SUV slowed to 16-17 mph before entering the intersection of 26th Street and Blaisdell Avenue. The motorcycle crashed into the rear passenger area of the squad, but it's unclear how fast the bike was going.

Harteau is bringing in the Minnesota State Patrol to perform an accident reconstruction.

Police have been in constant contact with both the Franklin and Olivares families, Harteau said. She has offered to personally sit down with each family, but both families declined.

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