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Harvest update: apple crop delayed, wild rice on track


Weather is a factor in evaluating the harvest of two Minnesota crops.

WCCO reports that the hot-and-sticky stretch August, combined with a late start due to the chilly spring, has pushed the apple crop at some orchards behind schedule. Charlie Johnson of Whistling Well Farms near Hastings told the station that his harvest should be two weeks later than what is typical.

He said people who visit orchards to pick apples may have to spend more time finding ripe fruit.

Meanwhile, MPR reports that it's a much better year for the state's wild rice crop than it was a year ago. The harvest, in full swing in central and northern Minnesota, is described as average to good. Last year, rain in the northeast part of the state adversely effected the crop when fast-moving water damaged the fragile wild rice plants.

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Wild rice crop damaged by northern Minn. flooding

Heavy rain and extreme flooding in northern Minnesota this morning has taken a toll on the wild rice harvest. The Fond du Lac Reservation's crop was destroyed by flood water while the rice beds in northwest Wisconsin are also in poor shape. The region was inundated by major flooding in June.

June floods left little for wild rice harvest

Wild rice growers on the Fond Du Lac Reservation say June floods devastated aquatic life in several lakes where fall harvests typically reap several thousand pounds of wild rice, which is used at community events, funerals and the school, WDIO reports. It was the first time in 13 years that there was no harvest, a natural resources program manager says.