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Have you seen my tiger? State lottery launches new campaign


If you are out and about in Minneapolis, you may have noticed some unusual fliers offering a reward for finding "Pickles," a lost cat...a big lost cat.

Included on the poster is a photo of a snarling tiger along with a phone number.

"Please call with ANY INFORMATION. We'll make it worth your while!!!" the text reads.

On the other end of the phone is not the owner of a tiger, but none else than the Minnesota Lottery.

"Hey, have you found our tiger? Can you hold onto him for like --- I mean like a week or so? We're in Vegas, baby! We got here thanks to the new Caesars Jackpot scratch game from the Minnesota Lottery, and you can too. Alright, thanks for calling, high roller!"

So, not to worry, there's no tiger on the loose. The flier is nothing but a promotion for the Minnesota Lottery's new scratch-off game, which offers trips to Las Vegas as one of its prizes.

FOX 9 says the campaign is likely influenced by the movie The Hangover.

It turns out "Schicka" the Tiger is the new star of the Minnesota Lottery, according to the game's website.

Here's a video:

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