'He was my everything,' says man who lost dog after truck broke through ice

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Just hours after Ryan Nestlund's truck broke through the ice of Lake Minnetonka, the Wayzata man said he was fine.

While he escaped the icy waters however, he's also mourning the loss of his trusted companion, Balou.

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Nestlund – who is paralyzed, and unable to walk – managed to get out of the sunken vehicle and reach the surface, but rescuers were not able to get his dog, who'd been in the car with him.

"I’m hoping my dog swam out after me, but obviously he never did," Nestlund told WCCO.

On Thursday, Nestlund spoke with news outlets around the Twin Cities.

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He told FOX 9 about how, as soon as he crashed through the ice, he rolled down the electric windows before it shorted out and became impossible.

The truck sank to the bottom, he explained to KSTP, at which point he pulled himself out with his arms and got to the surface.

He yelled for help and was heard by a nearby resident, the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office said, according to the Star Tribune. Four police deputies pulled him to safety.

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources guidelines state that ice needs to be 8-12 inches thick to take the weight of a car or small pickup, and 12-15 inches to take a medium-sized truck.

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