Head south, El Duderino, to abide in a Lebowski-themed restaurant

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Robins, Iowa, is a town of 3,200 that until this week did not have a restaurant, the Cedar Rapids Gazette reports.

Now it has one in a big way. A Big Lebowski way.

The 1998 movie by Minnesota natives Joel and Ethan Coen has become a cult classic and now there is a Lebowski-themed restaurant just north of Cedar Rapids.


The Gazette reports a survey conducted by the city a few years ago found that the business development Robins residents wanted most was a non-franchise, sit down restaurant.

So the Robins Economic Development Initiative worked with Shawn and Nola Bodensteiner, who'd long wanted to open a restaurant, to make it happen. Property tax incentives for its first five years will help offset construction and startup costs, the newspaper says.

The Bodensteiners had been counting down the days until the opening on Lebowski's Facebook page. In addition to Lebowski quotes and artwork on the walls, the Gazette reports the menu features an impossibly large burger called "The Big Lebowski" and a dressed-up plate of french fries known as "The Dude."

A replica of a Persian rug featured in the movie also adorns one wall.

"All I ask is that people don't pee on it," Shawn Bodensteiner tells the website First We Feast. "It's screwed to the wall, too, so people can't steal it."

How will the restaurant be received? Food and Wine suggests if it's anything like its namesake, it will open to lukewarm reviews and eventually go down as a classic.


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