Heads up: Renew your Costco membership now, before fees go up

More money for Costco hotdogs!

If you're one of the nearly 90 million people in America and Canada with a Costco membership, here's a tip: If you're planning to stay a member, you might want to renew your membership ASAP.

Fees for the memberships will increase by 10 percent, beginning this June 1 – that gives you just a little over three weeks to re-up.

The increase means standard memberships for Goldstar and Business members will cost $60 a year. Sure, that's just $5 more, but hey... that $5 could buy you like three unexplainably delicious Costco hotdogs – and three pops to boot.

Meanwhile, Executive memberships will pay $10 more, or $120. But the maximum annual reward you can earn with the Executive card also increases, from $750 to a cool $1,000. If you're shopping at Costco a few times a month, that's not a bad deal.

The fee increases will impact about 35 million members, roughly half of them Executive card-carriers, the news release says.

Market Watch says Costco typically increases its membership fees every five to six years. The money could be used to help the chain expand – Delish says Costco is opening 30 new stores this year, about half of which will be the U.S.

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