Health Department: tainted steroids also causing bone infection

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The Minnesota Health Department has tied a 13th illness to tainted steroids supplied by a Massachusetts pharmacy. But this time it's not meningitis. Health officials say a woman in her 20's has developed a bone infection since she was injected with the steroids.

The number of fungal meningitis cases among Minnesotans who received the steroids is up to twelve, after a new diagnosis this week. Health officials say one of those patients also showed signs of the bone infection. Here's the department's announcement.

The state epidemiologist tells the Star Tribune health officials want the clinics that provided the steroids to be on the lookout for the infection or other possible complications apart from meningitis. Nearly 1,000 Minnesotans were injected with the contaminated steroids at half a dozen clinics in the state.

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Meningitis fears flood Health Department

The Health Department has now contacted most of the Minnesotans who were injected with a recalled steroid linked to an outbreak of fungal meningitis. Many of them reported symptoms of meningitis, but the symptoms were mild and could have been caused by other factors. The state epidemiologist says the number of confirmed cases in Minnesota remains at three but could grow.