Health Dept. warns of scare tactics used to sell pricey water treatments

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The Health Department is warning Minnesotans not to be fooled by salespeople using false claims and scare tactics to sell unnecessary - and expensive - water treatment systems.

State officials say Minnesota's tap water is safe. But companies selling treatments systems that cost as much as $6,000 are convincing some homeowners their water is contaminated.

In a news release, the department says the salespeople often run bogus tests on a homeowner's water and misrepresent naturally occurring minerals as "contaminants." Some even misrepresent themselves as working with the local water utility or the health department.

If you really are in the market for a home water treatment system, the Health Department suggests buying a device certified by a reliable organization such as NSF International, Underwriters Laboratories (UL), or the Water Quality Association (WQA).

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