Heart of golden arches: Teen turns in big wad of cash found at McDonald's


If you found a wad of 28 one hundred dollar bills on the ground, would you keep it? Or turn it in?

Well, think of it this way. If you mistakenly dropped $2,800 in cash, would you want it back?

That's what ran through a Moorhead college student's mind when she stumbled upon the stack of cash.

The Fargo Forum reports Erica Clark, 19, of Dilworth was leaving McDonald's in Moorhead Tuesday when she found an envelope full of crisp $100 bills lying in the snow.

Clark, a student at Minnesota State University Moorhead, turned the money in to police.

"I knew that if I was in that situation, I would be freaking out. It was the right thing to be done." Clark told WDAY. "I would be very thankful if someone did that for me."

Thanks to a bank slip found with the money, police were able track down the rightful owner, a man from Sabin, who withdrew the cash to buy a pickup truck.

The Forum says the man plans to thank Clark in person this week.

A Tennessee couple was put in a similar situation after going through their local McDonald's drive-thru last week. Instead of their breakfast order, the couple found thousands of dollars in their to-go bag.

The money, which was intended to be deposited at the bank, was mistakenly sent out the drive-thru window.

The couple's first thought was to take the money back, but a McDonald's employee had caught up with the couple at their home, where they handed over the bag of cash without hesitation.

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