Helicopter crashes in Lino Lakes, killing at least 1 person

Authorities say it's unclear how many victims there were; they're searching the debris.
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Authorities in Anoka County say more than one person was killed when a helicopter crashed in Lino Lakes Thursday evening.

Update: Authorities on Friday morning confirmed two people died.

Anoka County Sheriff Cmdr. Paul Sommer confirmed the crash and said investigators are gathering information.

One person replying to Sommer on Twitter reported seeing the helicopter "flipping in air out of control low above our house" before it "crashed into ball of fire across the pond."

The sheriff's office then issued a statement for residents of the area around the crash scene, which is a field at Main St. and Sunset Ave. in Lino Lakes:

"If you find any metal or unusual objects in your yard or property that may be debris from the helicopter crash near Main Street and Sunset, please contact the Lino Lakes Police Department at (763) 427-1212. Do not pick up or move the object. "

Sommer called the helicopter's landing place "fortunate," the Pioneer Press reports.

He said the wreckage of the chopper was too badly charred to determine the type of helicopter or how many people were in it, the newspaper says.

This is Minnesota's second helicopter crash in less than a month. In September a helicopter headed toward a hospital crashed in Alexandria, injuring three people.

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